We start with me

Welcome to our dialogue, and I do hope that you will take the time and share some of your thoughts so that we keep improving as we go.

Now, let’s start by asking myself a few questions to start with:

  • Who am I as a human being? Do I really haveĀ  a clear picture.
  • Am I on the way to who I want to be? Have I been maturing and growing?
  • Am I able to carry my own load and contribute a bit towards others? Or???

Taking the time to answer the above -even if it takes days- is really a very good start for laying the solid foundations that the community will need to be transformed.

Time to get a friend

When you feel that you have made some progress along the way to answering the above questions, please try and get another family member (brother or sister) or a close friend. Two will sharpen one another.

Share, and Expand

Then, start talking to others and explore their level of interest in this effort. Introduce them to the AGR Co-Op, and let’s start building the core locally, and then spread from one neighborhood to another.