Introduction to AGR Co-op

Thoughts and words focused on Transformation

If we hope to be effective in contributing to transforming our country in the next couple of decades, we must focus on:

  • My/your thinking and actions,
  • How -as a community- can we reduce the need for government, and
  • Learning and helping others to learn so that we keep improving.

The Present Picture

  • Everyone has more than they can handle.
  • There is so much -info. and other- hitting us constantly.
  • Often, we do not really think before choosing how we spend our precious time.
  • It all ends with some confusion, but mostly self-focus.


Please take the time to investigate and then decide that this -The AGR Co-Op- is something that deserves your serious assessment and commitment.

In order to succeed we must build a presence in every community, throughout the United States Of America. The founder hopes for about 50-60 mil. members by 2025; so that we can then impact the whole country substantially by 2030. We hope that those who serve in the political arena will truly become public servants.

Remember: The current degree of failure, or success of the community is the cumulative result of the individual efforts of its members.

May each of us do better, and contribute positively!