Become Involved

What, When, Who, Why, etc…?

  • Get involved and play an active role in this effort.
  • As soon as possible, for a serious and consistent commitment.
  • Every American who appreciates, and believes in, this country.
  • This demands every one of us, and for years to come.

If we are really committed, WE WILL SUCCEED, and everyone will benefit in the future too. It will not happen overnight, but we will begin to reverse the present terrible trend in the very near future; especially as we let our elected officials know that we are very serious about demanding that they become the servants that they took an oath to be when they were elected by We The People.

We hope that they will start with maintaining a balanced budget for the Federal Government, along with some debt reduction and repayment; and a planned, consistent, and reasonable reduction in spending in the coming years.

The above must start by reducing their own personal benefits.