Introduction to AGR Co-op

Thoughts and words focused on Transformation

If we hope to be effective in contributing to transforming our country in the next couple of decades, we must focus on:

  • My/your thinking and actions,
  • How -as a community- can we reduce the need for government, and
  • Learning and helping others to learn so that we keep improving.


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We start with me

Welcome to our dialogue, and I do hope that you will take the time and share some of your thoughts so that we keep improving as we go.

Now, let’s start by asking myself a few questions to start with:

  • Who am I as a human being? Do I really haveĀ  a clear picture.
  • Am I on the way to who I want to be? Have I been maturing and growing?
  • Am I able to carry my own load and contribute a bit towards others? Or???

Taking the time to answer the above -even if it takes days- is really a very good start for laying the solid foundations that the community will need to be transformed.


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What Does it Mean to be Human

Do you have a pet? Did you grow up with one?

Well, why is it that you needed to really care for the animal? Why is it that the animal sought your attention and loving care?

Unfortunately, not many humans think much of these simple facts; and how the natural order puts humans in control in order to maintain good life and living for all concerned.

Do you have children, or do you have younger siblings at home? What role are you, your parents or older family members expected to play?

Do you think much of that? Probably not much.


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