Call To Action

Ask not what your country can do for you…

Servant Spirit
Mobilize the nation
Principles Summation:
Commitment to excellence and service,
Listening and learning, and
Sacrificial and consistent contribution.
Considerate, humble, and open communications; and work with ALL.
We The People will not take this country for granted. We will dialogue, explore, hold government accountable, keep learning, participate in the process, respect others, and sacrificially give as we help build a better future for the next generation.
Paul M. Healey CPA Ltd. will monitor and guide every step along the way; so that all will be accurately and fully accounted for.

For Your Consideration:

During the last 100 years (since WWI), the U.S./America has more positively impacted the entire world than all other nations (empires, kingdoms, etc…) in the history of this planet combined.

However, government has become so large and costly; and the immigrant spirit has almost disappeared. Many Americans take this country for granted, and they -unlike The Founders, and even their grandparents have almost lost the vision of what America is all about: ‘A Shining City on a Hill’.

A.G.R. Co-Op was established by a first generation immigrant – a U.S. Citizen since 1971- in order to celebrate his 50th anniversary of coming to America, and as a gift to All Americans; especially as we help rebuild a better future for the next generations of Americans. I also hope that -by example- a better world.

Check our website for more, and for interacting with us. This is your precious country; and I hope that you join us We The People in this wonderful effort.