Our Story

As an immigrant and U.S. Citizen since 03/1971, I come to ask you to PLEASE JOIN ME and become a member in this co-op as we try to help transform America for our children’s sake.

Government has grown too big, and it takes every one of us to change this, mostly through eliminating the need for government involvement except in the areas where it alone can do. This will happen through the Non-Profit sector.

We have a very precious country; and we can continue to improve and show -by example- how we can change our entire planet for the better in the decades to come.

There are no easy or quick solutions; especially after we have reached this point; and it is up to us We The People to begin and try to help rebuild a more sound foundation for the future generations.

The Mission

Help mobilize We The People, one person, one family, one community at a time; so that we can work with ALL those involved in the non-profit sector to become more efficient and involved in:

  • Educating the young and helping every child to grow with a better sense of value and confidence in the future,
  • Help parents to maintain healthy and strong families, and
  • Innovate in the various areas that will improve the environment as well as the opportunities for meaningful and productive living.

The Goal

Promote a genuine SERVANT SPIRIT in all of us; especially those who serve in the government; so that political ambition and self interest is no longer the driving force. Instead, sacrificial giving to the country will be the driving force.

Action Plan

Since I live in Pahrump, NV and have been blessed to have invented plastics recycling (in the mid 1980s), and I decided to establish the AGR Co-Op in recent months; I hope to help make Pahrump The Model Community for the whole country.

Nature Restorer Inc. (NRI – www.naturestorer.com) will launch its new model in March 2015, and then proceed to expand into the Las Vegas and SW Nevada region to show how it works. This will then, along with contributions from all who choose to join us will grow and expand to cover the entire North American continent by 2020.

At the same time, our co-op will work with any/ALL non-profit sector entities on developing the effort to more positively impact the community in the areas of education, etc…

Together, We The People will reclaim America from ALL the politicians and ALL those who pursue self interest at the expense of the country.